Nature’s freshness infused into modern intricacy with a pleasing shade of green to reacquaint your home with the lush colours of the wild.

  • The unique color layer that is resistant to parabolic solar rays lasts long.
  • The waterproof tiles do not absorb water on rainy days, ensuring no additional weight to the roof.
  • A five-year guarantee on the colour coating.
  • The tiles efficiently interlock with each other, ensuring no movements of the tiles due to animal activity (such as monkeys) resulting in no water leakage.
  • Fire-resistant (Grade A)
  • When compared with other tiles in the market, Colorup roof tiles have the lowest weight, highest strength and provide the best value for money.
  • Withstands any weather condition.
  • Packed in an easy-to-handle, 5-tile pack, ensuring minimal damage during transportation.
  • The ability to use Colorup V Ridge covers for the best finish.


  • Length of the tile
    632 +/- 3 mm
  • Width of the tile
    495 +/- 3 mm
  • Thickness
    6 mm
  • Strength
    1300 N
  • Weight
    3.4 kg
  • Packaging
    Five tiles in a single package

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