Rhino Group Supports Global Climate Strike

Rhino Group Supports "Global Climate Strike 2019".

Hundreds of people walked out of work on Friday 27th September to join the gathering at Orion City organized by 'Rhino Group' to educate & inspire the public regarding "individual actions on climate change". This event was organized in support of the "Global Climate Strike" happening across 150 countries. Change only happens when individuals take action, thus the silent strike was organized to encourage "explore sustainable ways of living" that have the most positive impact on Earth. As a widely respected socially responsible organization, Rhino Group launched it Sustainable Development Journey in August, 2019. The group has committed themselves towards mitigating the climate change impact by projects designed to reduce carbon footprint, recycling waste at schools, protect the welfare of sea creatures under threat & reforestation. Commenting on the initiative, Rhino Group Managing Director, E J Gnanam said, “The unexpected changes around us in weather patterns I believe is showing us that something is wrong in the environment and that we have to act now. Join our call to reduce pollution to the environment so that we leave a cleaner home for our next generation.” The individuals who gathered carried signs showing many ways to prevent global warming from becoming worse. And also they distributed over 100 Kohomba plants among the passengers passing by to support reforestation.

Global warming is likely to be the greatest threat of our century. Fossil fuels, deforestation, over consumption, improper waste disposal are some of the facts that cause global warming and impacts on biodiversity, oceans, humans and the weather. But the good news is that there are ways to reduce global warming. Renewable energies, energy and water efficiency, sustainable transportation, responsible consumption and recycling are few ways, how climate change can be reversed. Plans to protect the earth is in fact plans to protect our children and their future.


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